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What is Happs


To date the Happs community has featured first-person reports on the Yellow Vest protests in Paris, Brazilian elections, the refugee crisis in Syria, the rescue of a teenage boys’ soccer team in Thailand, the Beto vs. Ted Cruz senate race in Texas, runaway inflation and political protests in Venezuela, the migrant caravan on its way from Honduras to Tijuana, the World Cup, World Clean-Up Day in Tanzania, bombing in Gaza, Hurricane Florence in North Carolina, the Tomatino festival in Spain, and dozens of other newsworthy happenings across the globe.

Meet Some of Our Journalists

  • Amber Genuske
  • Amber Genuske

    Amber is an Austin, Texas-based journalist, producer, and host with Happs. Amber has a love for stories with heart and has streamed pieces ranging from deep-dives into the humanitarian crisis in Venezuela to Gay Easter Parades in New Orleans.

  • Joshua Lucas
  • Joshua Lucas

    Joshua is an Los Angeles based director of broadcasts for Happs. He has been behind the controls for streams covering the power blackout in Caracas to the burning of Notre Dame in Paris.

  • Serginho Roosblad
  • Serginho Roosblad

    Serginho is an award-winning documentary filmmaker and producer with Happs based in San Fransisco covering a wide range of topics from homelessness to the neon history. He hails from Amsterdam, the Netherlands, with roots in the Caribbean.

  • Tom Hanson
  • Tom Hanson

    Tom is an award-winning journalist, and most recently a host for Happs News. Before joining Happs, Hanson worked for CBS, Channel One News, and was an Associate Producer at CNN in Atlanta.


  • Open Source

    Open Source

    Big news organizations represent top-down journalism while Happs approaches it from the bottom-up.

  • Experiential


    Our global network of contributors take us into the story from an immersive first-person perspective.

  • Live


    We invite everyone to interact in real-time with our contributors hosts, and producers to help us Make the News.

Happs Strives To Maintain Journalistic Integrity in Everything We Do

  • Accuracy Comes First

    Anyone who streams with Happs must strive to be accurate, fair, and thorough in their reporting. A trained journalist will play a part in all Happs broadcasts either as a producer, contributor, or as a host.

  • We Must Strive For The Truth

    Anyone can be invited to livestream at Happs if you are located in an area where breaking news is occurring or offer a unique story or perspective on events that are being covered.

  • Everyone Is Treated Fairly

    You’ll be reviewing and delivering pre-show elements such as pre-recorded videos or images, as well as direct live by switching cameras, rolls in clips and overall quality control for the livestream.

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